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11, 01. 2004
Major comprehensive entertainment company. Once specialized in development of software for arcade games, but now pushing ahead with businesses worldwide including game software, mobile game contents, fitness club management and casino machines. Subsidized a game production company Hudson. (Konami) (Hudson)
Namco, one of Big 3 commercial-use game equipment makers, to be integrated with largest general toy manufacturer, Bandai, establishing the holding company.
Namco operates two theme parks. Also major family-use software maker. Bandai advanced into character apparel, game software and movie distribution. (Namco Bandai Holdings) (Namco) (Bandai)
Major slot machine manufacturer Sammy and major game hall operator SEGA are affiliated with the company. Established in 2004. (SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS) (Sammy)
Established by the merger of Square and Enix in 2003. Main profit-source Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series for game software. Has development cooperation relations with Intel. The company has subsidized major commercial game machine manufacturer Taito. (SQUARE ENIX) (Taito)
Produces software for Nintendo, SEGA and NEC and other major game machines with Street Fighter series as core software.
PC and home-use game software developer. Grown with history simulation games, including Nobunaga no Yabo (Nobunaga's Ambitions). Largest in PC software development.
Mid-size manufacturer of commercial-use game equipment and developer of game software. Has advantages in North American market.
Sony Computer Entertainment
Major developer of home-use game software. Sells PlayStation and PlayStation Portable. Develops semiconductors for next-generation game consoles with IBM and Toshiba.
Top-ranked manufacturer of home-use game machines including Game Boy and software. Originally started as playing card maker, it has sold more than one billion video games worldwide.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The white papers issued by the ministry mention the computer game industry.
Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat
Information on the government's intellectual property rights strategies and related laws are available on the website.
Computer game industry organizations
Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)
CESA conducts research and promotional activities on computer entertainment industries. Comprised of 94 regular member companies.
Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)
The associaton conducts surveys on digital content. Its website offers information on Digital Content Grand Prix, competition annually held by the organization.

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