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11, 01. 2004
Energy industry organizations
The Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC)

Composed of ten power companies. The website offers information on electricity situation and mechanism of power generation. Reports on environment, annual review, and some other industry-related information can be downloaded.

Tokyo Electric Power
World's largest private electric power company, serving in Kanto region including Tokyo. Putting emphasis on recovering its confidence, after the cover-up of nuclear plant troubles was revealed
Kansai Electric Power
Second largest electric power company. Pioneer in nuclear power generation. Advances into LNG sales and telecommunications industry.
Chubu Electric Power
Third-ranked electric power company and one of the leading corporations in business circles of Chubu region, central Japan. Strengthening ultra-high voltage electric power lines.
Tohoku Electric Power
Power supplier to Tohoku (northeast) region and Niigata prefecture. Diversifying energy sources. Cooperating with Tokyo Electric Power by pooling power supply.
Kyushu Electric Power
Electric power firm serving Kyushu region, southwestern Japan. High demands of industrial-use power. Strengthening telecommunications business.
Chugoku Electric Power
Electric power firm serving Chugoku region, western part of Honshu island. The ratio of the coal-fired power generation high.
Shikoku Electric Power
Power supplier to Shikoku region, western Japan. High ratio of nuclear power.
Hokkaido Electric Power
Power supplier to Hokkaido, northern island in Japan. Imported coal-based thermal power generation and nuclear power generation are its major power sources. Focusing on development of new energy, including wind power.
Hokuriku Electric Power
Regional electric power company, serving 3 prefectures in Hokuriku, central Japan. Strengthening hydroelectric generation.
Okinawa Electric Power
Electric power company based in Okinawa, southern Japan. Dominated by consumer use with the ratio of 80%. Dependent on coal-fired and oil-fired thermal power generation.
Electric Power Development (J-POWER)
(Non-FEPC member) Developing power plants, including thermal, nuclear, water and geo-thermal power. Wholesaler of electricity to other regional power companies.
The Japan Gas Association

Organization of city gas utilities with 212 members. Facts on city gas and approaches to environmental preservations are provided on the website.

Main members
Tokyo Gas
Largest city gas company in Japan, serving mainly in Kanto region. Leads the industry in converting material from petroleum to LNG. Strengthening large-scale air conditioning.
Osaka Gas
Serving mainly in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, the company is the second largest city gas supplier. Well known for developing catalyst of fuel cells.
Toho Gas
Ranked third largest in the city gas industry, serving in Chubu region, central Japan, including Nagoya metropolitan area. Strengthening co-generation supply business. (IR)
Saibu Gas
Services provided mainly in northern Kyushu. Strengthening fuel battery. Fourth largest gas company in number of customers and sales volume.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The ministry is responsible for energy-related policies. The statistics on the industry is provided on its website.
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
The ministry offers general information on Japan's energy and related statistics on the website.
Atomic Energy Commission
Belonging to the Cabinet Office. White Papers can be viewed on the website.
Nuclear Safety Commission
Belonging to the Cabinet Office. Consultative body for safety insuring on nuclear energy. White Papers on nuclear safety are available on the website.
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
Government institution established for securing the safety of energy-related facilities and industrial activities.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
The website offers research on science technology. Some information on the safety of nuclear energy is also available.
Ministry of the Environment
The ministry is responsible for environment-related policies. Statistics and White Papers are available on the website.
Other organizations related to the industry
The Institute of Energy Economics
The organization conducts research activities on energy-related fields. A number of research papers as well as symposium summary can be downloaded.

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