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11, 01. 2004
Automotive industry organizations
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)

Comprised of 14 automobile manufacturers, JAMA conducts studies and surveys related to automobile production, distribution, trade and use.

Toyota Motor (English) (Worldwide)
Nissan Motor (English) (Global site)
Honda Motor
Mazda Motor
Automobile maker Mazda has had a capital tie-up with Ford Motor.
Mitsubishi Motors
The company is on the process of restructuring, supported by Mitsubishi group.
Suzuki Motor
The top manufacturer of small 4-wheel car in Japan, Suzuki is also known as a motorcycle maker. The company is in the group of General Motors.
Fuji Heavy Industries
The mid-ranking carmaker has started its capital tie-up with Toyota in 2005 after ending its tie with GM.
Daihatsu Motor
Daihatsu is Toyota group's auto maker, focusing mainly on small car business.
Isuzu Motors
Recording the top share of small-size truck in the domestic market, the company keeps capital tie-up with GM.
Hino Motors
As Toyota's subsidiary, Hino's share of the regular-size truck is the largest in Japan.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus
This truck and bus maker is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler.
Nissan Diesel Motor
Large-size truck is main product of the company.
Yamaha Motor
The number of motorcycle sales is the 2nd largest in the world.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
The major heavy industry company is also known as motorcycle manufacturer.
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)

JAPIA is the organization of auto parts makers. On its website, JAPIA provides company search system, which enables you to find basic information of its member.

Main members
The world 4th largest auto parts company, Denso belongs to Toyota group. Its key business is to manufacture Powertrain Control Systems, Electronic Systems, Electric Systems, Thermal Systems, ITS and Small Motors. (English) (Global)
Aisin Seiki
The 2nd largest car parts maker in Japan is focusing on such parts as drivetrain related products, brake and chassis related products, or engine related products
Toyota Industries
One of Toyota group's companies produces such parts as engine or air-conditioning compressors as well as manufactures industrial equipment or textile machinery.
Calsonic Kansei
This company is Nissan Motors' subsidiary, mainly manufacturing air conditioning system and module products.
Toyota Boshoku
The company is the 4th largest of automotive interior components in the world.
Toyoda Gosei
Toyota group's rubber parts and synthetic resin maker.
NHK Spring
The manufacturer of automotive suspension springs, automotive seats, precision spring and components. The share of spring is the largest in Japan.
Koito Manufacturing
Having the largest share of car lighting equipment, the company's main client is Toyota Motor.
Stanley Electric
One of the three leading manufacturers of automotive lighting equipment. Honda Motos is its main client.
Honda Motor's affiliated company manufacturing carburetors.
The competent authorities
Ministry Economy, trade, and industry
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
The Ministry takes care of motor vehicle safety, dealing with such issues as car registration, inspection and recall.
Ministry of the Environment
The ministry is responsible for several regulations regarding motor vehicle emission.
Other organizations related to the industry
Japan Automobile Importers Association
JAIA conducts survey of conditions in Japan and overseas related to the import of foreign automobiles. The association also compiles statistics on automobile import.
Japan Automobile Federation
JAF provides auto users services that enhance their safety and their sense of security.
The General Insurance Association of Japan
Information including automobile insurance is available.
Japan Automotive Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association
Member list is available on the website.

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