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Land transportation

11, 01. 2004
Land Transportation industry organizations
Japan Institute of Logistics Systems (JILS)

Composed of 1013 corporate members and 52 individual members, the institute conducts research and surveys on logistics systems. English newsletter, including some data on the industry, is on the website.

Main members
Nippon Express
Largest logistics company in Japan. A wide variety of business lines, from truck transportation to air cargo to travel services. Competitive in international market.
Pure holding company of Japan's largest parcel delivery service, Yamato Transport, and its group companies. Expanding mail delivery service to compete with its rival Japan Post.
Sagawa Express
One of 3 major parcel service companies in Japan, following Yamato Transport. Expanding its business in Asia.
Seino Transportation
Known as its brand,"Kangaroo delivery", the company is a pioneer in route tracking. Making a partnership with Germany's Schenker AG in third party logistics business.
Fukuyama Transporting
Belonging to Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu) group. Headquarter in Hiroshima. Business in western Japan is strong. Tie-up with Hitachi Transport system.
Hitachi Transport System
Main business line is third party logistics. Fukuyama Transporting, Yusen Air & Sea Service, and Japan Post are its business partners.
Fuji Logistics
Separation of the Logistics Department from Fuji Electric in 1975. While depending on Fuji Electric group, cooperating with international logistics companies.
Japan International Freight Forwarders Association (JIFFA)

Organization of transportation and logistics firms, with 328 regular members.

Main members
Major transport company in field of third party logistics. Having a strong tie with Nippon Steel. Business in plant engineering and construction as well.
2nd largest as a forwarder in Japan. Having expanded operation abroad, opening 39 affiliated companies in the world. (English) (Global)
Yusen Air & Sea Service
Having 130 offices globally. 3rd largest international air cargo operator in domestic market. Belonging to a major shipping firm, NYK Line's group.
Strengthening operation worldwide, 101 offices in 22 countries overseas.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Monthly statistical report on motor vehicle, railway, coastwise vessel transport as well as provisional statistical report on air transport are provided in English on its website.
Ministry of the Environment
The ministry sets a guideline to solve such problems as air pollutions or gas emissions to protect environment.
Other organizations related to the industry
Japan Post
Postal Service Agency became public corporation in 2003, changing its name to Japan Post. It has taken over the agency's postal service operation. In 2005, both Diets passed the government's postal privatizations bill, which will transform Japan Post into a private company in 2007.

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