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Supermarket & Home Center

11, 01. 2004
As the major general merchandise stores(GMS), the company has strength in suburban areas, ranking 1st in sales. In 2005, it reached agreement with Carrefour S.A. concerning the formation of a strategic partnership, acquiring all the shares of Carrefour Japan.
Ito-Yokado operates stores mainly in eastern Japan centering around Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, ranking 2nd in sales. The company and other group companies have established their holding company Seven & I Holdings.
One of the major food retailers, ranking 3rd in sales, is implementing management reconstruction measures under the support of the Industrial Revitalization Corporation and its sponsor Marubeni Corporation. (English is available in Annual Report only)
Leading supermarket operator, with majority of stores in the Tokyo metropolitan areas, ranking 4th in sales. Moved under auspices of Wal-Mart Stores of the U.S.A. The company also has capital alliance with Sumitomo Corporation.
Home Center
Major home center operator based in Kanto area, ranking 1st in sales. Retailer of DIY goods, housing improvement appliances, interior accessories, etc.
Kohnan Shoji
Home center operator mainly in Osaka, but moved into densely-populated areas in Kansai area including Kobe and Kyoto. It is also advancing into Kanto area. Ranking 2nd in sales in the industry.
Major home center operator based in Niigata Prefecture, ranking 3rd in sales. Mainly deals with hardware and gardening goods. Originally rice retailer founded in 1952.
NAFCO has started business as a furniture retailer. The company currently operates furniture shops and home centers mainly western Japan, such as Kyushu and Chugoku areas.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The ministry offers information on regulations regarding retail stores.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Information on food safety is available.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
The ministry offers information on food distribution, market policies as well as statistics on agriculture.
Fair Trade Commission of Japan
Information on anti-monopoly law is provided.
Supermarket and Home Center industry organization
Japan Retailers Association
JRA is comprised of retailers and related organizations. The organization holds lectures and conducts surveys on the industry. Statistics on retail industry are available on the website.

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