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Cosmetics & Toiletries

11, 01. 2004
World 4th largest cosmetic company, and top-ranked in Japan. It has expanded business overseas, in 65 countries and regions. Europe is its biggest market, followed by Asia/Oceania and Americas. (English) (Worldwide)
Japan's 3rd-ranked cosmetic manufacture. Expanding market in Asia, including China.
Largest toiletry manufacturer Kao is also one of the major cosmetics companies in Japan.
Ranking top in toiletry business in Japan, and second largest in a global market next to U.S. Proctor & Gamble. Wide variety of products such as personal-care, sanitary goods, and chemicals.
Second largest toiletry maker in a domestic market, and top-ranking of toothpaste manufacturing. Strengthening business in Asian market.
Spun off cosmetics business (now Kanebo Cosmetics) in 2004 under new management supported by Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan.
Top in tooth brush market, and 2nd in toothpaste/powder in Japan. Strengthening business in Europe and America.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
The ministry deals with pharmaceutical issues, including cosmetic and toiletry products. Releasing its safety or recall information.
Ministry of the Environment
The ministry annually issues a report on chemicals in the environment, whose information is available on its website.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (NCAC)
The center conducts a variety of surveys and research as well as product testing. It also takes complaints from consumers about products. English newsletter is available on its website.
Cosmetics & Toiretries industry organization
The Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA)
Composed of 24 members of soap and detergent manufacturers. JSDA survey, such as clean survey, is released in English.

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