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11, 01. 2004
Meiji Seika
Major confectionery manufacturer, with pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics being second mainline. Produces food for specified health use.
Ezaki Glico
One of the leading confectioners. Produces ice cream, soft drinks and instant curry. Wholly took over its subsidiary Glico Dairy Products in 2002.
Major general confectioner, with long history dating back to 1899. Selectively developing core products called "Power Brand".
Calbee Foods
Top manufacturer of snacks.
Instant Noodles
Pioneer and top-ranked maker of instant noodles. Accelerating overseas operations especially in Asia and Europe.
Toyo Suisan Kaisha
2nd ranked producer of instant noodles in sales. Market share higher in eastern Japan than in west. Advances overseas. (Annual Report)
Flour Milling
Nisshin Seifun Group
Top-ranked flour miller. Expanding businesses into processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and engineering. Established as holding company in July 2001. The group includes Nisshin Flour Milling, Nisshin Foods, and few more.
Nippon Flour Mills
Longest-serving and 2nd largest flour miller in Japan. Expanding processed and health foods to diversify business. Also produces lunch boxes for convenience stores.
Showa Sangyo
Produces wheat flour, cooking oil, processed and frozen foods. Engaged in warehousing and leasing of commercial buildings. (Annual Report)
Bread manufacturing
Yamazaki Baking
Largest bread-making company. Pioneer in nationwide operation. Its subsidiary operates convenience stores.
Shikishima Baking
Second largest bread-making company in sales. Well known as is brand name Chojuku (Hyper Maturity).
Dairy Products
Morinaga Milk Industry
Second largest manufacturer of dairy products after Meiji Dairies. Emphasizes seven profitable fields including yogurt.
The competent authorities
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
The ministry is responsible for policies on food. Statistics and annual reports on related industries are available in English.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Statistics on food and other related reports can be found on the website.
Food Safety Commison
Belongs to the Cabinet Office. The organization is in charge of assessing risks on food safety. Some reports about U.S. beef, of which the imports had been banned for two years, are available on the website.
Food industry organization
Japan Convenience Foods Industry Association
Comprised of 61 member companies. Researches and study reports on instant noodles are provided on the association's website.

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