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9, 01. 2005

  1. The Business Channel is a news website covering business in Japan, provided by Japan Information Network (JIN), Japan's largest portal site offering information about the country for users overseas. Business Channel aims to provide a concise, easy-to-understand overview of Japanese business for people who live outside Japan too. The articles are all original, and are frequently updated.
  2. The articles are devised, written and edited by staff of the content provider J-CAST, Inc. [], which is headed by Masao Ninagawa, a journalist and editor who used to work at one of Japan's leading papers, the Asahi Shimbun. Highlights of his career include serving as editor-in-chief of the weekly news magazine AERA.
  3. Business Channel is Japan's only English-language business information website that reports without bias and independently, without reliance on other media organizations. It is an ideal medium for Japanese and overseas advertisers wishing to reach business leaders worldwide.

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