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Drugs & Biotechnology

1, 17. 2006
Drugs & Biotechnology industry organization
Japan Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association (JPMA)

There are 75 members participating in the organization. Members are R & D oriented pharmaceutical companies that aim to contribute to the society through developing new drugs. It consists of 14 committees and evaluating committees.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
Top-ranked pharmaceutical manufacturer in Japan. Leads the industry in the sphere of genome research. It has its own marketing branches in Europe and the United States.
Astellas Pharma
Created in April 2005 through a merger between Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co. and Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Nation’s third –largest drug maker.
Second-largest drug maker in Japan. Sankyo Co. and Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co. integrated their operations in September 2005.
Leading maker of cardiovascular medications.
Daiichi Pharmaceutical
Active in the field of infectious disease drugs. Acquired the pharmaceutical department of Yukijirushi (Snow Brand).
Excels in circulatory and respiratory lines. Globally marketing dementia and ulcer drugs. Besides Japan, it has research facilities in Europe and U.S. as well.
Chugai Pharmaceutical
Major manufacturer of prescription drugs. Moved under the Roche group of Switzerland. Excels in cancer, kidney and bones lines.
Taisho Pharmaceutical
Top-ranked pharmaceutical company of nonprescription drugs. Maker of nutrient drink “lipovitan D”, source of earnings. Features strong sales network nation wide with direct sales to pharmacies and drugstores.
Mitsubishi Pharma
Established in October 2001 through the merger between Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceuticals and Welfide Corporation. Concentrating in developing news drugs.
Major pharmaceutical company highly reliant of antibiotics. Completed spin-off of drug wholesale subsidiary. Has strong marketing capability. e.html
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma
Dainippon Pharmaceutical and Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals merged on October 1,2005, to create Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma. Concentrate its R&D resources in diabetes and CNS (central nervous system) areas.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
One of the central government offices in Japan. Created in January 2001 through the integration between Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Labor. Deals with medical administration, labor policy, social insurance, social security, pension and so on.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
The National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)
One of seven research institutes operated under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is responsible for conducting basic research to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of wide range of products such as food and drugs.
Other related organizations
The Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association
Established in 1941 as the sole nationwide organization to ensure the stable supply of drugs. Consists of 144 wholesale companies organized by members of regional cooperative societies.

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