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1, 25. 2006
Banking industry organization
Japanese Bankers Association (JBA)

A premier financial organization whose member consists of banks and bankers associations in Japan. As of February 2002, it has 140 full members, 47 associate members and 72 special members. Engages in analyzing and studying economic and financial conditions and domestic and foreign financial systems.

City banks
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Holding company formed in October 2005 through business integration of Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ Holdings with total assets of 192.8 trillion yen, which is the world’s largest. Net business profit for fiscal 2004 was 1 trillion 477.1 billion yen.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Started in January 2006 through the merger between Bank ob Mitsubishi-Tokyo and UFJ bank. Belongs to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. One of the top three mega-banks.
Mizuho Financial Group
Holding company formed in January 2003 by Mizuho Group. Affiliated members are Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Mizuho Trust Bank and Mizuho Securities. Owns total assets valued at 143 trillion yen, which is world’s second. Net business profit for fiscal 2004 was 800 billion yen.
Mizuho Bank
Established in April 2002 through the merger of Daiichi-Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank and Industrial Bank of Japan. One of the top three mega-banks. Aims to become Japan’s most powerful commercial bank.
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group
Financial holding company, which consists of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, SMBC Leasing Company and The Japan Research Institute. Has net asset valued at 99.0 trillion yen.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Formed in April 2001 through the merger between Sakura Bank and Sumitomo Bank. Merged with Wakashio Bank in March 2003. One of the tree mega-banks in Japan.
Resona Holdings
Financial holding company established in December 2001. Founding bodies are Daiwa Bank and Asahi Bank. Merged with Kinki Osaka and Nara Banks. Earned new name Resona Holdings in October 2002.
Shinsei Bank
Former Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, which went bankrupt in October 1998 and once nationalized. Then acquired by the investment fund, Ripplewood etc. Bad debts scaled down through use of warranty clause of Deposit Insurance Corp. of Japan.
Aozora Bank
Former The Nippon Credit Trust bank, which went bankrupt December 1998 and once nationalized. Renamed to Aozora Bank in January 2000. From its historical roots, it has long enjoyed an excellent business relationship with regional financial institutions throughout Japan.
Mitsui Trust Holdings
Financial holding company created in February 2002 under which Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company and Mitsui Asset Trust and Banking operates as subsidiaries.
Sumitomo Trust & Banking
Key member of Sumitomo group. Upper-ranking trust bank in funds available. Active in international financing and investment. Has overseas subsidiaries in major cities.
Regional banks
Bank of Yokohama
Founded in 1920. Largest regional bank in Japan based in Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref. With consolidated total assets of 10,461.8 billion yen. And deposits of 9,179.2 billion yen as of September 2005.
Hokuhoku Financial Group
Financial holding company created in September 2003 through the integration between Hokuriku Bank and Hokkaido Bank Combined deposits is the second among the regional banks.
Hokkaido Bank
Top-ranked regional bank in Hokkaido. Established March 1951. Has 134 branches mainly in Hokkaido with total assets of 1,763.2 billion yen and deposits of 3,491.9 billion yen.
Hokuriku Bank
Established in1877.Top-ranked regional bank in Hokuriku aria based in Toyama, Toyama Pref. and recipient of public injection of funds. Has 185 branches domestically and 3 representative offices overseas.
Chiba bank
Upper-ranked regional bank based in Chiba, Chiba Pref. Born out of the merger of three banks in Chiba. In Chiba Pref. loans shares stands at 30 %and deposit share at around 29 %.
Shizuoka Bank
Upper-ranking regional bank based in Shizuoka, Shizuoka Pref. Highly-rated among Japanese banks, with high-level capital adequacy ratio based on BIS standard. Deposit share stands at 20 % in Shizuoka Pref.
Joyo Bank
One of upper-ranking regional banks based in Ibaraki Pref., northern part of Kanto area. Has a close relationship with Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. Has grown supported by heavy and chemical industries.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Finance
One of the central government offices in Japan. Deals with Japanese budget, tax policy, customs and tariff, national property, currency foreign exchange and others. Releases various statistics like trade statistics and balance of payment.
Financial Services Agency
Responsible for ensuring the stability of financial system in Japan. Deals in implementing of such measures as proper inspection and supervision of private sector financial institution and surveillance of securities transaction.
Bank of Japan
Its missions are to maintain price stability and to ensure the stability of financial system. To fulfill these two missions, it issues bank notes as the nation’s sole “issuing bank.” And controls the overall volume of money in the economy and interest rates on a daily basis through money market operations.
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
Semi governmental organization that was established in 1971 with the purpose of operating Japan’s deposit insurance system, in line with the Deposit Insurance Law. The purpose of the law is to protect depositors when a financial institution has suspended repayments of deposits.
Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
Established in April 2003 with the aim to revitalize distressed companies with sound competitive business bases and to facilitate the development of industrial and financial sectors in Japan. Its objective is to formulate and present business vitalization models.
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Established with the aim of developing small and medium enterprises in Japan. Deals in planning and implementing policies, improving management, advancing skills and creating new businesses.
Other related organizations
Trust Companies Association of Japan
Established with the aim of legal and economic research regarding the trust system and trust business as well as research and improvement concerning related tax. There are 6 full members and 41 associate members.
Regional Banks Association of Japan
Set up with the purpose to study and research financial and economic policies concerning regional banks in Japan. There are 64 regional banks that are reliable financial institutions in the regions.
Second Association of Regional Banks
Originally, member banks were established as joint stock companies under the Sogo Bank Law and were referred to as “Sogo Bank.” Over the years, they have converted to regional banks. As a result, new regional banks have set up their own association.

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