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2, 01. 2006
Aviation industry organization
The Scheduled Airlines Association of Japan

Established in December 1991 with an aim to promote sound development of Japanese air transport industry through vigorous study and research programs related to air transport. There are 14 member companies.

Japan Airlines Corporation
Holding company created through the merger of JAL and JAS in October 2002,which focuses on improving customer convenience and overcoming worldwide competition. Has overwhelming market share in international flights.
All Nippon Airways
Established in December 1952. Second largest airline in Japan, starting as a domestic flight company with operation expanding to international routes since 1986 when overseas route (Tokyo-Guam) opened.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Civil Aviation Bureau)
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. The bureau deals with collecting statistics and data as well as implementing policies related to air transport safety.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Takes charge of planning of basic and middle or long-term foreign policy from wider point of view. Also takes charge of protection of Japanese nationals and their property abroad In addition, it is responsible of issuing passports and other documents necessary for travel abroad, visas.

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