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Machinery (machine tool and industrial robot)

2, 08. 2006
Machine tool industry organization
Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association (JMTBA)

Established in 1951 and reorganized to the present status in 1978. Surveys regarding the production, distribution and export/import of machine tools. There are 86 members. The total amount of members’ production has been the world’s top for the past 20 years.

Machine tool
Major manufacturer of machine tools. Established in 1941 as spin-off from present Toyota Motor to engage in machine tool production. Top-class in special-purpose machines. Highly reliant on Toyota group for sales.
Mori Seiki
Established in October 1948, top-class manufacturer of NC lathes and MCs. Achieved high growth following marketing of NC lathes in 1968. Overseas sales ratio is high backed by global network for marketing and maintenance.
Headquartered in Aichi Pref., long established and leading computerized machine tool manufacturer. Has strength in medium and large MCs and NC lathes. Has manufacturing subsidiary in US and sales subsidiary in Germany.
Fourth-ranked in industry with MCs and NC milling machines for carmakers and metal mold makers. Putting emphasis on electro dischargers and CAD/CAM software business to serve its machine tool users.
Top-ranked manufacturer of NC electro dischargers. Maintains strong market share in linear motor-driven electro dischargers. Has manufacturing plants in Suchou, China, and Thailand.
Major manufacturer of machine tools, with small/medium- size MCs and NC milling machines as main lines. Established in 1915 and commenced machine tool production in 1951. Sells primarily to carmakers.
Medium-size machine tool manufacturer, with computerized numerical control (CNC) lathes and MCs as main products. Noted for strong technological edge in precision machinery. Has tie-up with Tokyo Seimitsu.
Industrial Robots industry organization
Japan Robot Association (JARA)

Formed in March 1971 as the Industrial Robot Conversazione and reorganized into Japan Industrial Robot Association in October 1972. Aims to further the development of the robot manufacturing industry by encouraging research and development on robots and associated system products and promoting the use of robot technology.

Machine tool
Top-ranked in metalworking machinery in Japan. Merged Amada Machinics, machine tool manufacturing arm in October 2003, changing its course on manufacturing and marketing separation policy.
Toshiba Machine
Being a member of the Toshiba group, its origin can be traced back more than a century to Shibaura Engineering Works, the forerunner of Toshiba Corporation established in 1875. Machine Tool Division was incorporated as an independent company in 1938.
Industrial robot
Top-ranked manufacturer of NC equipment in the world, maintaining global and domestic share of 50% and 70% respectively. Has strength in in-house production of servomotors. Emphasizing industrial robots and FA-related products.
Yaskawa Electric
Top-ranked manufacturer of servomotors and long-established maker of electric motors. Putting emphasis on NC machines, inverters and industrial robots. Diversifying applications of robots to strengthen semiconductor carriers.
Founded in Toyama in 1928, major manufacturer of machine tools, precision machinery and industrial robots. Product lines are mainly for carmakers. Aims to provide highly precise, functional and solidly reliable products.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
Responsible for creating the fundamental national system of Japan. These systems include the national administrative organizations, public service personnel system, information and communications postal services, and statistical systems.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
Other related organizations
Japan Machine Tool Distribution Association (JMTDA)
Aims to promote the development of machine tool industry as a whole and the growth of related industries by means of supporting the members to do ordinary marketing of machine tools. There are 73 regular members and 72 associate members.
Japan Forming Machinery Association (JFMA)
Aims to improve press machine technical know-how by capitalizing on recent high-tech press technology innovations. There are 92 members with 62 regular members and 30 associate members.

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