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Housing Materials

2, 15. 2006
Aluminum Sash
JS Group
Holding company created in October 2001 through management integration between Tostem and INAX. Formerly called Tostem INAX Holding Corporation and renamed to the present one in October 2004.
Largest manufacturer of aluminum sashes in Japan. Having successively developed business operation in the retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing of wooden interior materials, entered the aluminum window business in 1966.
Second largest sanitary earthenware in Japan. Founded in 1024 as Ina Seito Company. Endeavoring to change from a manufacturing-type corporation to a service-type manufacturer. Wholly owned subsidiary of Js Group.
Specialty manufacturer of building components and third largest producer of aluminum sashes in Japan. Has supplied industrial products for architectural use for nearly five decades. Subsidiaries in China, US, Indonesia, Taiwan and others.
Sanwa Shutter
Largest producer of both heavy and lightweight shutters. Aim to become comprehensive manufacturer of steel construction materials. Known for shutter repair and “full-time service” maintenance network.
Bunka Shutter
Second largest producer of shutters. Expanding into construction materials including doors and garages for homes, automated doors and partitions for buildings. Adding focus on maintenance division to solidify earnings.
Housing equipment
Matsushita Electric Works
Leading comprehensive maker of building materials and lighting equipment. Besides these areas, information equipment and writing products, electric and plastic materials, home appliances are core businesses.
Top-ranked manufacturer of sanitary earthenware, boasting around 60% market share in ceramic sanitary equipment. Comprehensive producer of water-related housing equipment such as bathtubs.
Largest manufacturer of gas appliances, such as stoves, rice cookers, hot water heaters, bath heaters and convection heaters. Has strength in kitchen and room heating units. Involved in development of electric products.
Major manufacturer of gas bath heaters and water heaters. Expanding into housing equipment, such as built-in kitchen and bathroom units. Also producer of solar water heaters. Aggressively developing new series products.
Takara Standard
Leading manufacturer of housing equipment, such as system kitchens, bathtubs, washstands, automated electric and gas-burning water heaters and other heating equipment.
Second largest maker of system kitchens. Leading comprehensive housing equipment manufacturer. No.1 hit product is kitchen complete with floor container, bound for home improvement.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. It is also responsible for promoting the progress of meteorological tasks and maintaining of marine safety and security.
Other related organizations
Center for Better Living (CBL)
Nonprofit foundation established in 1973. Contributing to improvement of housing quality carrying out the “Quality Housing Components Certification System” which is the foundation’s core activity.

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