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2, 15. 2006
Food wholesale
Japan’s leading food &liquor distribution company. Since the outset in 1712, it has bee playing an important role in food distribution as an indispensable part of food supply channel of Japan. Introduced the concept of SCC (Supply Chain Consolidation).
Nippon Access
Leading wholesaler and importer of food, liquor and grocery. Founded in October 1952. Change the company name from Yukijirushi (Snow Brand) Access) in 2004. Developed “Captain”, an innovative distribution system.
Japan’s largest confectionery and snack wholesaler and distributor distributing Japanese made and imported products to retailers, secondary wholesalers and others across the nation. Has 31 distribution centers and sales offices.
Pharmaceutical wholesale Industry Organization
The Federation of Japan Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association (JPWA)

Sole nationwide organization of pharmaceutical wholesalers approved as an incorporated body established in 1941. Contributes to the improvement of the wholesalers social position and industrial development. 134 member companies.

Mediceo Paltac Holdings
Top-ranked company in pharmaceutical industry with over 20% domestic share. Merged with the second largest drug wholesaler Kuraya Corp. and Tokyo Pharmaceutical in April 2000 and two others in April 2004.
Second largest pharmaceutical wholesaler. Independent, dealing with all pharmaceutical manufacturers. Distributing prescription pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents, medical equipment and medical supplies.
Alfresa Holdings
Leading pharmaceutical wholesale holding company managing subsidiaries that deal with wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and import/export of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and medical devices/equipment.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
Fair Trade Commission
Established as an administrative organ of the state to achieve the purpose of the Antimonopoly Act. Has the character of being an administrative organization under the council system, consisting of a Chairman and four Commissioners.< br />
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
One of the central government offices in Japan. Created in January 2001 through the integration between Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Labor. Deals with medical administration, labor policy, social insurance, social security, pension and so on.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
Undertakes administration related to agricultural, forestry and fisheries products, covering from production to consumption and also to rural development and promotion of the welfare of rural inhabitants with a view to achieving stable supply of food, sound development of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries.
Other related organizations
Distribution Systems Research Institute (DSRI)
Established in 1972 to realize efficient supply chain of good. Conducts operations to promote various standardizations, and to develop and diffuse new systems in the field of commerce. Participates in the Global Standard Management Process run by GS1.

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