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2, 22. 2006
Largest seasoning manufacturer in Japan known for monosodium glutamate. Expanded into pharmaceuticals from foodstuff. Company’s objective is “Advancing from Japan to the global arena as a leader in foods and amino acids.
Largest producer of mayonnaise and salad dressings. Management strategy is to designate the mayonnaise and dressings business and the canned and retort foods business as the core business. Also produces delicatessen including vegetables and foods for senior citizens.
World’s largest shoyu (soy sauce) brewer with 30% domestic market share. Has many subsidiaries and affiliates. The diversification of products ranges from pharmaceutical products to Oriental foodstuffs. Has marketing right for Del Monte brand in Far East.
House Foods
Largest producer of spices including curries and top-ranked in stew roux. Aggressively venturing into snacks, instant noodles and retort products. Has local manufacturing subsidiaries in Hawaii and California to expand operations in US.
S&B Foods
Leading producer of instant seasonings including curries. Founded in 1923 as a pioneer of manufacturing pure made-in-Japan curry powder. Focusing on peppers and spices such as garlic, for which it ha the largest share in Japan.
Mizkan Group
Number one vinegar manufacturer in Japan. In addition to the vinegar business, it has developed new products, such as soup bases, dipping sauces, seasonings for rice dishes and others. Successfully established top brands such as Ajipon and Oigatsuo.
Largest manufacturer of tomato processed foods including ketchup and juice. Diversified into fruit juice and other beverages and pasta sauce. . Advancing to vegetable fermented drinks. Has global tie-up with H.J Heinz Co. of US.
Kibun Food Chemifa
Kibun group of companies is comprised of businesses in food processing, sales, raw materials delivery and cold-transport. Among these, Kibun Food is the largest. It primarily produces and sells processed surimi products.
Nisshin OilliO Group
Holding company born out in April 2002, through business integration among Nisshin Oil Mills (now Nisshin OilliO), Rinoru Oil Wills and Nikko Oil Mills, its three operating companies. Maintains largest market share in cooking oils.
Showa Sangyo
Since its founding in 1936, it has continually diversified its operation to meet the changing demand of the times. Operations categorized into food, animal food and other operations.
Ham and sausage
Nippon Meat Packers
Top-ranked meat processors, and integrated meat manufacturer from hog raising to ham and sausage processing and distribution. Owns professional baseball team, Nippon Ham Fighters. Also operates livestock farm through subsidiary in Australia.
Itoham Foods
Leading processor of ham and sausage. Strong in sales at department stores and meat shops. Excels in gift products featuring high-quality image. Subsidiary in California engaged in pharmaceutical products.
Maruha Group
Largest seafood company in Japan. Seafood business accounts for high ratio of sales compared with other firms in industry. Become a holding company in April 2004. Ventured late into frozen foods business.
Nippon Suisan
Second largest company in industry and leading frozen food processor. Produces fish paste (surimi) in US. Exploring diverse potential of marine resources not only as food but also in the areas of livestock feed, chemical and medical products.
Third largest seafood company in Japan. Current business lines consist of development/import of seafood products and processing of foods. Putting emphasis on frozen food business. At front in salmon and crab canning. Noted for its “Akebono” brand.
Fourth largest company in seafood industry. Switched from whaling to comprehensive seafood processing firm. Withdrew from trawling in 1992, only fishing activity round haul netting. Also focusing on frozen canned foods.
Frozen food
Top-ranked in refrigeration warehousing industry and in frozen foods. Pure holding company that deals with processed food based on cold storage. Strengthening product development capabilities. Also involved in leasing of buildings.
Leading major specialized frozen food manufacturer. Katokichi name nationally famous as high quality prepared frozen food brand. Top in shrimps. Eager in M&A, operating hotels, Japanese-style restaurant chain and pubs.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
Undertakes administration related to agricultural, forestry and fisheries products, covering from production to consumption and also to rural development and promotion of the welfare of rural inhabitants with a view to achieving stable supply of food, sound development of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
One of the central government offices in Japan. Created in January 2001 through the integration between Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Labor. Deals with medical administration, labor policy, social insurance, social security, pension and so on.

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