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2, 22. 2006
Hotel industry organization
Japan Hotel Association

Aims to promote the growth of the hotel industry. Engaged in setting guidelines and standards for hotel facilities, foreign and domestic guest reception and overall hotel business. There are 430 member hotels and 97,741 guest rooms as of September 1999.

Okura Hotels
Leading top-class hotel in Japan. Established in 1958. Built first hotel overseas in Indonesia in November 1966. Has 24 hotels (17 in Japan and 7 overseas). Hotel Okura, Tokyo situates in Toranomon, Minato-Ward.
Imperial Hotel
Premier hotel in Japan and pioneer as urban hotel business. Sticks to quality operation policy since its founding 115 years ago. Also operates leasing building at Hibiya (Tokyo), making stable earnings source.
New Otani
Leading top-class hotel in Japan. Established in January 1963. Has business alliance with Marriott Hotel. Group hotels: Japan 18, overseas 3. Noted for its vast Japanese garden with a history of over 400 years.
Fujita Kanko
Leading operator of high-grade hotels, such as Chinzanso and Taikoen restaurants. Also operates both urban and resort hotels including Hakone Kowakien and Washington Hotel.
Royal Hotel
Prestigious hotel operator based in Osaka. Noted for its brand name “Rihga Royal Hotel.” Founded through joint investment by leading corporations in Kansai district. Has 15 group hotels. Strong influence by Sumitomo group.
Prince Hotels
Established in August 1971 to operate Prince Hotels in Metropolitan Tokyo area that Seibu Railways, core company of Seibu Group owns. Opened Toronto (Canada) Prince Hotel in 1974 as the first overseas hotel. Group hotels: 84.
Royal Park Hotel
Established November 2000. Belongs to Mitsubishi Estate group. Group hotel can be found not just in Tokyo and Yokohama, but also across the entire country. Number of group hotels is 7.
Hankyu-Daiichi Hotel Group
Daiichi-Hankyu Hotels and Shin-Hankyu Hotel Group became “Hankyu-Daiichi Hotel Group” in April 2005 and mad a new start. Number of group hotels is 45.
Tokyu Hotels
Belongs to Tokyu Group. Number of group hotels is 59. All the departments related to hotel enterprise management were transferred from Tokyu Hotel Chain Tokyu Hotels in April 2005.
JAL Hotels
Belongs to Japan Air Lines group. Number of group hotels is 63 (44 in Japan, 10 overseas). The only Japanese-owned global hotel chain and administers “Nikko Hotels International” and “Hotel JALCity”.
ANA Hotels
Belongs to All Nippon Airways Group. Number of group hotels is 35 (33 in Japan, 2 overseas). Number of sales offices 7 ‘(5 in Japan, 2 overseas). Started mileage program alliance with Asiana Airlines in May 2005.
Toyoko Inn
Leading business hotel chain. Number of group hotels is 106. Found violating building codes in January 2006.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. It is also responsible for promoting the progress of meteorological tasks and maintaining of marine safety and security.
Visit Japan Campaign
Campaign invented by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure in cooperation with other ministries to lure foreign tourists to Japan.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
Other related organizations
Japan City Hotel Association
Hotel industry association that aims at providing safe and comfortable accommodations at reasonable rate by helping reasonably priced hotels to improve their facilities and services. Founded in 1971.

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