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2, 22. 2006
Trading business industry organization
Japan Foreign Trade Council (JFTC)

Aims to develop a consensus within the business community regarding various trade-related problems. Actively presents specific proposals to the government and related organizations for the solution of such problems. There are 181 members.

Mitsubishi Corporation
Largest trading house in Japan and one of the core firms of Mitsubishi group. Has strength in the field of energy including LNG and coal. Strong in government and official trading. Dividend income is hefty. (global)
Mitsui & Co
General trading house competing the top position with Mitsubishi Corporation. Core company of Mitsui group. Ranks 2nd in foodstuff trade but 1st in chemicals and steel. Traditionally strong in heavy industries.
Sumitomo Corporation
One of the leading trading houses in Japan and core company of Sumitomo group. Strong in steel, chemicals and other material industries. Boasting best financial standing and earnings backed by property rental income.
ITOCHU Corporation
One of the leading general trading houses. Has strength in textiles, machinery, plants, chemicals and condominiums. Top-ranked in textiles. Advancing in telecom industry and China business. Belongs to Mizuho group.
One of the big 5 trading companies in Japan. Nucleus of Fuyo group. Has strength in machinery, industrial plants, chemicals and condominiums. Well-experienced in domestic construction operations including housing.
General trading company. Established in 1920 when cotton division of Mitsui & Co. was split as cotton importer. Received 2nd debt waver from former UFJ bank. Planning for business combination with Toyota Tsusho.
Holding company born out of business integration between Nissho Iwai and Nichimen Corporation. Core company of Sojitz Corporation group. Aims to become conglomerate with stronger earnings power and competitiveness.
Toyota Tsusho
Trading firm in Toyota group. Emphasizing on transactions of automobile-related products, steel, machinery and chemical products. Exports Toyota cars to Southeast Asia, China, Middle East and Latin America.
Kanematsu Corporation
Formerly general trading house, having strength in textiles. But deterioration of financial structure forced trimming down of operations. Following debt waver by the main bank, concentrating trading business on 4 key sectors including food.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. It is also responsible for promoting the progress of meteorological tasks and maintaining of marine safety and security.
Ministry of Environment
Responsible for implementing strategic research and proposing policy for global environmental conservation, preventing pollution and dealing with waste and hazardous chemicals. Promoted from the government agency to the Ministry in 2001.
Other related organizations
Japan External Trade Organization (JRTRO)
Government-related organization to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Jetro’s core focus 1n the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan.

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