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3, 01. 2006
Beer industry organization
The Brewers Association of Japan (BAJ)

Founded in 1953, aiming to seek reductions in taxes imposed on beer, to carry out promotion activities such as discouraging underage drinking. Engaged in technical activities such as finding and coordination research into brewing materials. There are 5 member companies.

Asahi Breweries
Largest beer brewer in terms of market share. Famous for its turnaround in business performance after release of “Super Dry” in 1987. Advanced into low-malt beer market lastly in 2001. Aims to become comprehensive manufacturer of alcoholic beverage and soft drinks.
Kirin Brewery    
Second-ranked beer brewer in terms of market share but top-ranked in low-malt beer. Diversified business into soft drinks, dairy foods, whisky and pharmaceuticals. Strong in soft drinks. Has tie-up with Anheuser-Busch (US) for “Budweiser” beer.
Sapporo Holdings
Third-ranked brewer of both regular beer and low-malt beer. Diversified into soft drinks and real estate business including management of facility complex Ebisu Garden Place, major real estate revenue source. Became holding company in July 2003.
Fourth-ranked in regular beer as well as low-malt beer. Noted for its flagship brand beer “Malts.” Also involved in pharmaceuticals, restaurant operation, sports, music and film, resort development, publishing, and information services.
Soft drink industry organization
Japan Soft Drink Association

Established in 1955. Involved in activities such as consumer education including the know-how of container recycling, collection of related materials, survey, research and consulting on soft drink production. Publications are “Soft Drink Report” and “Annual Statistic Report”. Regular members: 64, associate members: 32.

Second-ranked (18.9%) in soft drink sales. Third-ranked (14.2%) in green tea sales. Also entered such fields as health foods, food service and flowers. Extended operations overseas to Asia, centered on China, and to the United States.
Kirin Beverage
Soft drink division of Kirin Brewery group, with tea, coffee and green tea as main revenue source. Third-ranked in industry. Has strong brand name products such as “Gogo-no-Kocha (Afternoon tea). Operates joint venture in Japan with Tropicana Products (US).
Top-ranked manufacturer of tea-leave products and green tea drinks. Also involved in coffee and vegetable/fruit juices. Has nationwide network based on production/retailing route sales. Runs green tea plantations in China and Australia.
Asahi Soft Drinks
Soft drink division of Asahi Breweries. Well-known for canned coffee “Wond” and canned green tea “Juroku-cha.” Merged with Asahi-affiliated beverage maker in 1996, establishing integrated operation from development to production and marketing.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Engaged in manufacturing, distributing, exporting and importing of pharmaceuticals, clinical testing equipment, medical equipment, food products, cosmetics and other related products. Sixth-ranked in soft drink industry.
The competent authorities
Fair Trade Commission
Established as an administrative organ of the state to achieve the purpose of the Antimonopoly Act. Has the character of being an administrative organization under the council system, consisting of a Chairman and four Commissioners.
National Tax Agency
One of the central government offices. Aiming at achieving proper and fair taxation and collection. Endeavors to promote the sound management of alcoholic beverage industry, promote research and development on brewing technologies, and maintain the quality and safety of alcoholic beverages.
National Police Agency
Central police organization to control and supervise prefecture police organizations on matters of national concern. At both the national and prefecture levels, public safety commissions have administrative supervision over police.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
Undertakes administration related to agricultural, forestry and fisheries products, covering from production to consumption and also to rural development and promotion of the welfare of rural inhabitants with a view to achieving stable supply of food, sound development of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries.
Ministry of Environment
Responsible for implementing strategic research and proposing policy for global environmental conservation, preventing pollution and dealing with waste and hazardous chemicals. Promoted from the government agency to the Ministry in 2001.
Food Safety Commission
Organization conducting risk assessment on food in a scientific, independent and fair manner, and making recommendations to relevant ministries based upon the results from the risk assessment. Also implementing risk communication among consumers and food-related business operators.

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