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3, 01. 2006
Japan Railways
Hokkaido Railway
Started in April 1987. As management base is not strong enough, the fund for the management stabilization to assist the management was set up. Bus service division was spun off and sold to a subsidiary company. Hokkaido Shinkansen Program has been formally adopted.
East Japan Railway
Largest of 6 railway companies. Operated in Kanto and Tohoku area covering Tokyo and 16 prefectures mostly for passenger services. Sales ratio of non-railway divisions are quite small compared with other railway companies.
Central Japan Railway
Owns Tokaido Shinkansen and 12 other regular lines including Tokaido main line. Tokaido Shinkansen surpasses 80 % of the earnings. Holds massive long-term debts inherited from former Japanese National Railway. Operating Nagoya Towers.
Japan Freight Railway
Established in April 1987. Operates fail freight transportation service all over Japan. The Super Liner container express service links all Japan’s cities. Has alliance with China’s largest sea transport company COSCO. Also operate large ?scale compound distribution facilities in freight terminals.
West Japan Railway
Major railway company spun off from former JNR. Serving Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku and N. Kkyushu areas, covering Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and 16 other Prefectures. Operates Sanyo Shinkansen. Has long-term loans inherited from former JNR.
Kyushu Railway
Operates and manages railway service in Kyushu. With 36 affiliated companies, the field of activities rages widely from railway facilities, development and operation of station building, food service etc. Celebrated the first phase of Kyushu Shinkansen in 2004.
Shikoku Railway
One of the railway companies spun off from former JNR. Operates railway transportation service in Shikoku area. Upon the completion Setoohashi, 6 long bridges connecting Shikoku with Hhonshu mainland, trying to strengthen the railway services. (Japanese)
Private railway companies in Kanto region
Leading railway company and core of Tokyu group of about 360 firms. Promoting residential land development projects. Also pushing ahead with urban redevelopment in Shibuya (Tokyo). Putting emphasis on management of group firms including unconsolidated companies.
Odakyu Electric Railway
Leading railway company, operating in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures. Shinjuku (Tokyo)- Hakone line is highly profitable. Group consists of about 100 affiliated companies involved in operation of hotels, department stores etc.
One of leading railway companies in Kanto area. Operating in mid-western area of Metropolitan Tokyo. Group consists of about 40-plus companies including department stores, hotels etc. Enjoys fine profitability owing to steady rise of population along service lines.
Seibu Railway
Major railway company mainly operating in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture. Nucleus of Seibu railway group. Emphasizing development real estate projects along the service lines. Excluded from Tokyo Stock Exchange listing because of securities fraud scandal in December 2004.
Keihin E. Express railway
Leading railway company with main train line linking Tokyo, Yokohama and Miura Peninsula. Group consists of about 40 companies. Leisure-related development of Miura Peninsula and Inawashiro (Fukushima Pref.) on drawing board.
Keisei Electric Railway
Major railway company based in Chiba Prefecture. Line linking to New Tokyo International (Narita) is highly profitable. Owns 50-plus affiliated companies. 3rd largest shareholder of Oriental Land, which operates Tokyo Disneyland.
Private railway companies in Kansai/Chubu region
Major railway company. Largest among private operators in terms of operating mileage. Ise-Shima National Park located along line. Group consists of about 250 firms including Kintetsu Department Store. Engaged in large-scale urban redevelopment in Osaka.
Leading railway operator in Kansai area. Operates railways linking Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. Core company of Hankyu group including Hankyu Department Stores. Also operates Takarazuka theaters and Takarazuka Family Land.
Nagoya Railroad
Major railway company based in Nagoya and Chubu area. Ranks 2nd largest in operation mileage. Core of Meitetsu group of about 300 companies. Diversifying operations into transportation, distribution, leisure-related service and real estate development.
Hanshin Electric Railway
Leading railway firm operating lines linking Osaka and Kobe. Has many subsidiaries including Hanshin Department Stores and professional baseball team, Hanshin Tigers. Operates Koshien Baseball Stadium under direct management.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Civil Aviation Bureau)
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. The bureau deals with collecting statistics and data as well as implementing policies related to air transport safety.

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