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3, 08. 2006
Newspaper (National)
Asahi Shimbun
Has the circulation of 8 million, the second largest in Japan after Yomiuri Shimbun. Founded in January 1879 in Osaka and expanded into Tokyo in 1888. Regarded as a quality newspaper. In group TV Asahi, Nikkan Sports Shimbun. Tie-up with New York Times (US) and CNN (US).
Yomiuri Shimbun
Has the circulation of 10 million, the largest in the world. Founded in November 1874. In group Nippon Television, Yomiuri Giants (Professional baseball team), Hochi Shimbun and Chuo Koron (Magazine).
Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Founded in December 1876 and started as a business newspaper. Has the circulation of 3 million, fourth largest in Japan. In group TV Tokyo, Nikkei Business Daily, Nikkei Marketing Journal and Nikkei BP (Business Publication).
Mainichi Newspapers
Founded in February 1872 in Tokyo. Has the circulation of 4 million, third largest in Japan. In group Tokyo Broadcasting (TBS), Mainichi Broadcasting (Radio), Sports Nippon and Fukushima Minpou. Company Resuscitation Law was applied in 1975 first time as a national newspaper.
Newspaper (English)
The Japan Times
Japan’s leading English-language daily newspaper.
Newspaper (Regional)
Hokkaido Shimbun Press
Founded in November1942 .Has head office in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Circulated all over Hokkaido. Has 70 % market share in Hokkaido. Sixth largest sales in industry in 2004.
Chugoku Shimbun
Established in May 1892. Has head office in Hiroshima. Circulated in Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Okayama Prefectures. Got the most awards from Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association (NSK) as a local paper.
Nishinippon Newspaper
Has head office in Fukuoka. Circulated in Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Yamaguchi Prefectures.
Newspaper (Local)
Tokachi Mainichi Newspaper
Has head office in Obihiro, Hokkaido. Circulated in Obihiro/Tokachi region. Evening daily paper.
To-oNippo Press
Has head office in Aomori. Daily (morning & evening) newspaper circulated in Aomori Prefecture.
Shinano Mainichi Shuimbun
Has head office in Nagano. Circulated in Nagano Prefecture. Publishing morning as well as evening daily.
Hokkoku Shimbun
Has head office in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Daily (morning & evening) newspaper circulated in Ishikawa Prefecture. Publishes Toyama Shimbun as Toyama Prefecture version.
Kyoto Shimbun
Has head office in Kyoto. Daily (morning & evening) paper circulated in Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures.
Okinawa Times
Has head office in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture. Daily (morning & evening) newspaper circulated in Okinawa Prefecture.
TV Station
NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Public broadcasting. Broadcasting technology centered on NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories is top-ranked in the world.
NTV Nippon Television Network Corporation
Pioneer in private telecast, affiliated with Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper. Strong in telecast professional baseball team Yomiuri Giants’ games. Core company of nationwide network NNN. Specializes in telecast.
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Leading commercial radio/TV broadcasting company featuring most powerful nationwide network (JNN for TV). Boasting International Cable Network, and CATV service, covering part of Tokyo area.
Fuji Television Network
Major commercial TV broadcasting firm. Has strength in dramas and variety shows. Core company of Fuji-Sankei group, with Nippon Broadcasting System as major shareholder. Hold stake in digital CS broadcasting Sky Perfect TV.
TV Asahi Corporation
Leading TV broadcasting company. Key station of ANN Network, affiliated with Asahi Shimbun newspaper. Moved into BS digital broadcasting. Considering digitization of terrestrial wave broadcasting.
TV Tokyo Corporation
Fifth-ranked key private commercial TV broadcasting company, affiliated with Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper. Has TXN network with 6 stations nation wide. Produces and broadcasts diverse range of popular programs.
News Agency
Kyodo News
Leading news agency in Japan. Nonprofit cooperative organization providing news to mass media member companies. Has an affiliate K.K. Kyodo News, which provides to business circles and government/public offices.
Jiji Press
Major news agency in Japan proving news to mass media companies as well as business circles and government/public offices. Has strength in business and industry news.
Largest book and magazine publisher in Japan. Privately owned company that has been run by consecutive generations of the Noma family. Published its first magazine, Yuben (Oratory) in 1909. Publications include Shukan Gendai (weekly), Friday (weekly) etc.
Leading general publisher. Started in August 1922 as a publishing company that published educational books for elementary school students as well as magazines for teachers. Gradually expanded to general magazines and book publications.
Established in 1960. Centered on information magazines and boast the largest market-share in Japan. Information provision business expanded into a variety of areas including work/human resources, learning/school, housing, travel etc.
Kadokawa Holdings
Leading publishing company with three mainlines in books, magazines and software. Inaugurated Kadokawa Paperback in 1949 and started publishing dictionaries. Stressing on software division including movies and videos.
Largest entertainment ticket seller. Also engaged in publishing, mainly information magazines. Deals with numerous entertainment promotes. Aim at differentiating from other companies via full use of database storing huge ticket information.
Benesse Corp
Largest provider of correspondence education course under the name of “Shinken Seminar.” Started business with high school students as clients and expanded to adults. Diversifying into nursing care service.
Major publishing company, with strength in educational books and picture dictionaries. Restructuring due to unsuccessful diversification of business into non-publishing areas such as educational tools, new media, toys and stationery. (Japanese)
The competent authorities
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
Responsible for creating the fundamental national system of Japan. These systems include the national administrative organizations, public service personnel system, information and communications postal services, and statistical systems.
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
One of the central government offices in Japan. Newly created in January 2001 as the successor of the abolished Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Aims at strengthening private economy, smooth development of external economic relation and to secure the steady supply of mineral and energy resources.
Other related organizations
The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association
Entirely independent and voluntary organization funded and operated by the mass media of Japan. Established on July 23, 1946, to elevate ethical standards in reporting and protect and promote the media’s common interests.
Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan (FCCJ)
Mainly consists of foreign correspondents based in Japan. From time to time, invite “Men or Women of the hour” for the speech at the club.
Japan Magazine Advertising Association (JMAA)
Aims to improve the quality of magazine adds and to enhance the role that ads play in providing socially relevant information. Has membership of 124 magazine companies and 190 advertisement companies.
Japan Book Publishers Association
Established to promote the development and growth of the publishing industry. Encourages cooperation and the exchange of information among its members, and addresses problems common to the publishing business.
The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (NAB)
Incorporated organization whose membership consists of commercial broadcasters in Japan. Established as a voluntary organization on July 20 in 1951 by 16 commercial radio companies that were granted provisional licenses as the first commercial broadcasters.
Broadcast Programming Center of Japan
Nonprofit organization established in March 1968 jointly by Japan’s broadcasters. Its purpose is to ensure the healthy development of the Japanese broadcasting. Provides prominent educational and cultural TV programs to commercial TV stations at low costs.

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