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3, 15. 2006
Leisure Facility
Oriental Land (Tokyo Disney Resort)
Operator of “Tokyo Disneyland,” boasting world’s largest visitor volume. Major shareholders are Mitsui Fudosan and Keisei Electric Railway. “Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) opened in September 2001 just next to it. Subsidiary company engaged in management of Disney Store outlets.
Tokyo Disneyland
Universal Studios Japan (USJ)
Universal Studio Orlando was named the “Best Theme Park in the World” by travel magazine Fodor’s because of its high-quality entertainment and services. Universal Studio Japan open in March 2001 and visitor will be greeted by new attractions specially developed for Japan.
Tokyo Dome
Operator of an air dome-type baseball stadium, Tokyo Dome that was constructed in 1988. Management resources focused on “Tokyo Dome City” including amusement park. Subsidiaries engaged in hotel, restaurant, retailing, financing and other businesses.
The competent authorities
Ministry of Environment
Responsible for planning and formulation of all government environment policy, planning of all waste (including chemicals) and recycling measures. In addition, it continues to perform all work carried out up to now by the Environment Agency.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Responsible for implementing national land planning, urban & regional policy, rivers, roads, housing and transportation policies. It is also responsible for promoting the progress of meteorological tasks and maintaining of marine safety and security.
Other related organizations
Japan Video Software Association (JVA)
Founded in July 1971 by video software manufacturers and sales companies for the purpose of contributing to the development of the video software industry in Japan. While initially an unofficial goodwill organization, in March 1978, JVA was recognized as a legal entity (Social juridical person).
Digital Content Association of Japan
Aims to create attractive and high-quality contents acceptable in the marketplace, structural improvement of distribution and utilization of contents, development of technologies and systems geared for the global competition.
Administration Commission of Motion Picture Code of Ethics
An independent, non-governmental organization, which has been responsible for the classification of motion pictures since 1956. Recognized into a new self-financing body, recruiting professors, lawyers and teachers from outside the industry as its commission members.
Motion Picture producers Association of Japan (MPPA)
Engages in the negotiation of film budgets in relation to such projects as the “Japan Films and Visual Images Promotion Plan” of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Actively appeals to governmental organizations for the relaxation of restrictions on shootingsites.

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