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Mizkan to Sell Soup Containing Dried Bonito Flakes

2, 14. 2007
Oigatsuobushi Tsuyu to be sold by Mizkan
Oigatsuobushi Tsuyu to be sold by Mizkan

Mizkan Group Co. Ltd. is to start selling nationwide from February 22, 2007 “Oigatsuobushi Tsuyu”, concentrated soup containing dried bonito sliced into flakes. By adding the sliced dried bonito, the soup gives better taste and smell. As the taste and smell become even better when the soup is warmed up, it is suitable for cooking boiled vegetables. Suggested retail price will be 441 yen (including tax) for a 500-milliliter bottle and 672 yen (including tax) for a 1-liter bottle.

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