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Lotte to sell “Doraemon Busse” cakes out of “fourth-dimension” pocket

4, 13. 2007
Six-piece and the party-pack boxes of “Doraemon Busse”
Six-piece and the party-pack boxes of “Doraemon Busse”

Lotte Co. Ltd. will start selling small pieces of caramel-tasting cake brand-named “Doraemon Busse”. Doraemon is a popular cartoon character that looks like a cat. It has a “fourth-dimension” pocket on its belly, out of which anything wished can come out. The “Doraemon Busse” comes in boxes on which the picture of Doraemon is drawn in a way that pieces of the cake appear to come out of that pocket. The sales period of the cake is limited to the spring season. The retail is open. But a box containing six pieces is likely to be sold at 300 yen and a 10-piece box (party-pack), at 500 yen.

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