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Loyalty to main accommodating bank, Japanese are lowest: Nielsen survey

7, 04. 2007

A global average of 37% replied they are "very loyal to their main bank" in an online survey on the trend of using banking service conducted by Nielsen Company on June 5, 2007. The reply by the Japanese in this regard was the lowest in the world at 12%. The survey was reported by the Sankei Shimbun newspaper on its June 19 edition with a headline reading that the Japanese are disinterested in their main banks. According to Nielsen, North America was found out to be the region where more people than any other place in the world are "very loyal" to their banks. Such people accounted for as high as 59% in Canada and 51% in the United States. In Europe, the corresponding percentages were 54% in France and 49% in Britain. The survey subjected 25,408 people in 46 countries.

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