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"Economic Watcher Survey" for June marks continued deterioration for 3rd consecutive month

7, 27. 2007

The index to show the general sentiment on the current business condition in Japan in June dropped 0.8 point from the previous month to 46.0, according to the "Economic Watcher Survey" for the month announced by the Cabinet Office of the government on July 9, 2007. It marked a fall for the third consecutive month. It had also continued to be below the neutral point of 50 for three months in a row. The index related to the activities of business firms rose 0.3 point from the previous month to 46.2, while the index related to employment also went up 0.5 point to 51.2. The index for the household conditions, however, nosedived 1.3 points to 45.1, affecting overall index. The sharp drop in the household-related index was attributed to gasoline price increases and heavier tax burden. The basic assessment on the current economic conditions by the Economy Watchers was that "weak movements are seen in the economic recovery of late". The survey was conducted subjecting 2,000 "people on the street", including the operators of convenience stores who are susceptible to business movements.

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