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Wealthy population doubled. Their spending amount to 10 trillion a year.

7, 31. 2007

The number of people belonging to the wealthy class in Japan, earning at least 20 million yen a year, went up by 1.91 times over the period of 15 years between 1990 and 2005, according to a study conducted by the economic research department of the Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc. The study announced on July 11, 2007 also showed that wealthy population earning between 20 million and 25 million yen a year increased by 1.64 fold, and those earning more than 25 million year a year rose by 2.26 times. Total consumption by all these rich people reached an estimated 10.4 trillion yen in 2006. The expansion of the wealthy class was attributed to the rise from 11,000 yen to 17,000 yen of the average share price under the Koizumi administration, increased IPO (initial public offer) of corporate stock, and higher remuneration paid to corporate executives against the background of expanded economy.

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