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Nintendo DS training software for "women's education" becoming a hit?

8, 01. 2007

   The mobile game machine "Nintendo DS" is making unprecedently popular such game software as those for training of brains, learning Chinese characters and studying equity investment, which have been little known as game software in the past. And, beginning in the summer of 2007, series of "software for women's education", including the one for "increasing women's power" specifically targeted at women, will be introduced for use on the "DS".  People in the industry are expecting new a hit game software that will follow the current software for "training of brains".

"Women's Power Up" developed jointly with anan magazine

Know-how of charismatic skincare specialist is introduced for the DS
Know-how of charismatic skincare specialist is introduced for the DS

   The first to be introduced in the "software for women's education" series is the "women's power fast up! DS" to be produced by Bandai Namco Games. Priced at 3,900 yen with tax, sales started on July 26. The users of this software choose a type of a woman they would like to be from among more than 50 different types of women which are prepared as training purpose, including "women strong at games of chances" and "women of healing type". Besides the training method with the anan magazine has already introduced in its issues, original training methods for achieving the desired type are also loaded in the software. About 15-minute training on each of "love", "body", "mental", "manner" and other subjects for completion of the practiced in about 3 months.

   Konami, in the meantime, started selling on July 5, 2007 the "Yoga at Any Place" (priced at 3,990 yen) for the training of yoga, which is currently very popular among women. It claims to assist women to become beautiful from inside through good dieting and curing physical disorders.

   The same company is also planning to put out "Chizu Saeki's Dream Skincare" (priced at 4,500 yen) on Oct. 18, 2007. The software contains the skin beatification methods of Saeki, who is regarded as "charismatic skincare specialist". Not only for leaning the skincare methods, this software will show the chronological chart of hormone balance by inputting the daily basic body temperatures. It will also provide the users with skincare advice depending on five different skin conditions for a particular day, including the skin's moist, smoothness, springiness, elasticity and complexion.

   Nintendo will start selling the "Adult's DS Facial Training" (priced at 4,800 yen) on Aug. 2, 2007. To use this software, the user will take the picture of her face and input it on one of the two screens of the DS. By looking at the video of a face appearing on the other screen, the user is to follow the instructions that will be given vocally by the machine on the training of facial muscular movements. Through the training, the user will try to revive the springiness and elasticity of the facial muscles.

   Targeting at women, the software are not confined to those related beautification. On July 12, 2007, a software on "my family budge diary" (priced at 3,800 yen) was put out. This is designed for use especially by women who think the keeping of household accounts is too difficult for them. It has the function to calculate the repayment methods and amounts of mortgages and cashing loans. "Talking! DS cooking navigation" (priced at 3,800 yen) and many other software on cooking are also available.

Possibility of becoming a new game software hit

   How come so many game software targeted at women are coming out? Inquired by J-CAST News on this question, Nintendo pointed out an increasing number of women, who have not been interested in games in the past, are obtaining the DS machines.

   "Software for women's use are increasing their number as a consequence of the strategy to gain users in wider walks of life," the company said.

   Concerning the development of the software on "Dream Skincare", Konami commented:

"We think the market is destined to expand because the Nintendo DS is becoming so popular among women in general that we often notice them playing on the machine on trains. We developed the new software because we felt such software were scares in availability while the beginner users who first bought the software for brain training and other simple games would be certain to want to go for the new ones."

   A person who knows well about game software told J-CAST News:

"The training of the brains and other new game genre became the engine to lead the popularity of the DS. The game makers sought for new hit games on this movement, and they have arrived at the beautification, health, cooking and other software designed for 'women's training'. Depending on how well the software to be introduced this summer will be assessed, it would be possible that it will become a new big hit."

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