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Sapporo picked as "most attractive town" for 2nd consecutive year

8, 09. 2007

Sapporo City in Hokkaido was picked as the "most attractive town" for the second consecutive year as a result of the "2007 regional brand survey" conducted by the consulting company Brand Research Institute, Inc. The survey, announced on July 23, 2007, covered 1,000 cities and towns across Japan to assess their attractiveness and level of familiarity. The second place was won by Kyoto City, which was ranked fifth in 2206. Yokohama City was placed third for the second consecutive year. Of the 23 city-size words of Tokyo, Shibuya Ward was ranked highest at the 19th place. The survey was conducted in July 2007 by asking the general public through the internet to assess a total of 63 items of the cities and towns. Among the items were attractiveness, information access degree, image (divided into 13 items, such as "town of history and culture"), routes for gaining information (14 items, including "programs about travel and gourmet"), desire for sightseeing, desire for dwelling, desire to buy regional goods, assessment of regional resources (15 items, including "attractive rows of houses and structures"). A total of 31,169 people responded to the survey from across the country.

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