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Nissan develops "concept" car designed to prevent drunken driving

8, 21. 2007

Nissan Motor Co. announced on Aug. 3, 2007 that it has developed a "concept" car carrying various devices to prevent drunken driving. Some of the devices are alcohol sensors fixed into the gear-shift lever and around the seat so that the driver is warned vocally and on the car navigation screen when they sense alcohol. The shift lever is simultaneously locked. A camera is also fixed into the speedometer to monitor the face of the driver. When the face indicate any possibility of drunkenness or dozing off, a sound warning will be issued. The car also has the device to monitor the movement of the car while driving, and if there is any unstable movement indicating the possibility of the driver dosing off or failing to keep eye on the road, a warning will be issued and simultaneously the seat belt is rolled up. The company plans to put the car on the road as soon as possible.

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