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Chewing gum for emitting man's smell now sold nationwide

8, 27. 2007

"Otoko Kaoru" chewing gum sold by Kracie Foods

Kracie Foods, Ltd. expanded to nationwide from July 23, 2007 its sales of the chewing gum, "Otoko Kaoru", that causes emitting of the smell of rose from the skins of men. The company started selling the product in Tokyo and three surrounding prefectures in July 2006. Ever since the demand on the product has been so strong unexpectedly that the production could not catch up, and at one time the selling was even forced to stop because of the lack of supply. In April 2007, the sales area was expanded to the whole Kanto area and further to the Tokai, Hokuriku and Kinki areas in June. Suggested retail price is 158 yen, including tax.

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