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SNS operated by Abraham Group for the rich going well

8, 31. 2007

"YUCASEE", the SNS (social network service) operated by Abraham Group Holdings Co. exclusively for the rich with the financial asset of more than 100 million yen, is smoothly expanding its membership, the economic newspaper FujiSankei Business i. reported on its Aug. 17, 2007 issue. YUCASEE started service in November 2006. Those qualified to get the membership for the SNS are people invited as VIP's by firms offering such services and goods as space trips, private banking and high-grade brand goods and friends introduced by them. A person in charge of public relations at the company said that YUCASEE was started basically for the recipients of the investment information service issued by a subsidiary of the company. "As it was made strictly a members-only service for respectable persons, it was spread as a reliable service by word of mouth," he said. The size of the membership was not disclosed. In Japan, the households with the financial asset of more than 100 million account for about 1.6% of the total number of households.

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