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Ichiro is man, Sayuri Yoshinaga and Rinko Kikuchi are women whom Japan can be most proud of in the world

9, 27. 2007

Ichiro of Seattle Mariners was picked as the man, and the actresses Sayuri Yoshinaga and Rinko Kicuchi were selected as the women whom Japan can be most proud of producing in the world, according to a survey conducted by Oricon Inc. in August 2007, subjecting 2,000 people over the internet. Comments made about them were: "He unarguably deserves the position for the achievement he made." for Ichiro, "She is a typical Japanese woman in real sense." for Yoshinaga, and "She was unknown but came to the world's recognition out of nowhere." for Kikuchi. Ken Watanabe and Takeshi Kitano were selected as the second and third man, respectively, to be most proud of, and Hikaru Utada was selected for the third place as a woman.

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