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Brand effectiveness in business's website. Nissan is top in car industry.

10, 25. 2007

Nissan Motor Co. was ranked top in the car industry for the fourth consecutive time in the "web brand survey" conducted by Nikkei BP Consulting to assess the effectiveness of the brands appearing on the websites of business firms. The latest survey, announced on October 2007, was the fourth one conducted this year. Nissan was followed in order by Toyota Motor Co., the site to introduce the Toyota products "", and Honda Motor Co. The survey was conducted by selecting 800 websites. The sites were assessed from five different angles, such as "how well their contents are known" and "how frequently they are visited by surfers". "Site brand indexes" were calculated on the basis of the assessments, and the effectiveness of the brands of the sites were ranked accordingly. The latest survey was conducted over the internet between July 19 and Aug. 8. A total of 49,600 people responded to the study.

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