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"Don't think you are obese forever". What made it a best seller?

11, 05. 2007

   The book entitled straightforwardly "Don't think you are obese forever" is selling like hot cakes. There are other ways to lose weight like the cabbage diet and Billy's Bootcamp. But for men suffering from obesity, it would be too difficult to eat only sliced cabbage or do heavy workout every day. That is why the book that suggests only to "take memo" to get thinner became popular.

Additional issue of copies every week

Don't think you are obese forever, selling like hot cakes
Don't think you are obese forever, selling like hot cakes

   The book "Don't think you are obese forever" was first published as an independent volume by Shinchosha Publishing Co. on Aug. 20, 2007. Initially 14,000 copies were printed. The sales, however, had reached 340,000 copies as of late October, which was unusual for an independent volume published by the company.

   The book was ranked second only to the " Josei no Hinkaku (dignity of women)" (published by PHP) in the weekly best selling list at the Kinokuniya bookshop (for Oct. 15-21, 2007). It was ranked fourth place in the weekly best selling list of Tohan on Oct. 16, and it maintained its place above the 20th rank for six consecutive weeks.

   The editorial department of Shinchousha told J-CAST News that the book sold better than they had expected. "The situation is that we have to print additional copies every week," a person at the department said.

   The "Don't think you are obese forever" was written by Toshio Okada, critic and visiting professor with the Osaka University of Arts, on his own experience of dramatically losing his weight from 117 kilograms to 67 kilograms over a period of one year. His height is 171 centimeters.

   He stressed from the outset of the book on the disadvantage of obese persons in this age of "judging by appearance". He destroyed the pride of fat people by saying that no matter what achievement obese people make in society, the achievement can never be recognized because of stigma attached to obesity. This makes obese man look at himself and recognize the necessity of putting himself on a diet.

   He then introduces "recording diet" method. It simply suggest to record in a notebook what is eaten every day in order to become conscious of what a person eats. By so doing, a man makes it habit to review what he eats, eventually leading to loosing of weight.

   The book thus introduces a new method of losing weight in a way different from eating cabbage all the time under the cabbage diet or doing hard workout under the Billy's Bootcamp method. An attractive way for middle aged men suffering from obesity to lose weight has not been much introduced in the past. This triggered the boom of the new book.

   "For one thing, not many books for men on ways to lose weight have been published in the past. Another thing is that the book has a multi-facet attractiveness in that it can be read as a documentary or a practical guide," a person at the editorial department of Shinchosha said.

Record on losing weight posted on SNS and bulletin

   The "recording diet" method is drawing attention also on the internet. Many reports are posted on the SNS (social networking service) and news groups on amounts of calories taken or kilograms lost.

   The mail service organization for mobile phones, "Iimono (good things) project)" has made use of Okada's way of "recording diet" and opened the "Iimemo (good memo) diet" page on Oct. 2 by sending mail with messages "food eaten" and "calorie" on which dietary records can be kept. The page, however, was forced to be closed on Oct. 17 at Okada's request on the ground of copyright infringement.

   Will the "recording diet" continue in the future? A 37-year-old man who tried the method said he discontinued it because he could not keep the record. He added, however, that he had never taken a record of any thing so long before. "It helped in taking a look at my own dietary habit," he said. He indicated he was satisfied the method to a certain extent.

   A fat man who does not have the enough patient to follow the cabbage diet or Billy's Bootcamp workouts can at least take memo, and he can realize that he is obese and review his dietary habit. This may be the idea that accepted widely.

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