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Mickey Mouse-shaped digital audio player with ears as operating knobs. Sold by iriver japan

11, 09. 2007
(c)Disney/iriver japan
(c)Disney/iriver japan "Mplayer"

iriver japan started selling from Nov. 1, 2007 a digital audio player that is shaped like Mickey Mouse named "Mplayer". The ear parts of the Mplyer can be turned like knobs for volume adjusting, playing back or fast playing. It weighs only 18 grams so that it can be attached to the mobile phone strap, and it also can be hung around the neck with a strap like a good luck charm. It has the memory capacity of 1GB, enough to store about 240 songs (MP3 format at 128Kbps and compressed) or to record music files for a total of about 18 hours. It comes in five different colors of wite, black, blue and pink and silver that is available only through "iriver estore" and "iriver zone". The price is open but it is sold at 9,980 yen each at "iriver estore".

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