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Orders for Nintendo's "DS TV" over-flooded. Nearly 4 million people want to buy.

11, 19. 2007

   Too many accesses were made to put in orders when Nintendo Co. began accepting advance orders over the internet for the adaptors for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite to receive 1seg telecasting on Nov. 8, 2007. It became difficult to put through the orders, and such condition remained after 9 p.m. on the following day. Some 15 million sets of mobile phones equipped with the 1seg receiving device are in use across Japan. Why is 1seg TV receiving so popular?

Order receiving was started "quietly"

Website to accept orders for
Website to accept orders for "DS TV" carries a message: "server is now too crowded"

   The receiving of orders for the "DS TV", the adaptor to receive 1seg telecasting for the DS began at 1 p.m. on Nov. 8. The accesses to place the orders began immediately, and it became difficult to access the website for placing the orders after 3 p.m.

   Inquired by J-CAST News, a person in charge of public relations at Nintendo said:

"As it was television (not game), we intended to begin accepting the orders quietly without prior announcement. We had not expected so many accesses would be made."

   Concerning the background of the popularity, he analysed:

"Because of the playful spirit which Nintendo is known to be good at providing, people may have expected they could experience something new by obtaining the new products."

   The selling of the adaptor begins on Nov. 20, 2007. It is priced at 6,800 yen with taxes.

   What did he mean by the "playful spirit"? The "DS TV" has various unique functions. While one of the two screens of the DS console is showing television, the user can not only change the channels and control the volume of the sound on the other screen but also can do such things as temporarily stopping the picture and writing in memos with a touch pen. The second screen also provides the "travel on television" in which certain areas of the TV pictures can be automatically recorded and they are put on the map of Japan; the "tsubo TV" to show massage points for tired eyes, and the "TV-yan" to show characters that give the user the feeling of watching the television together.

18.5% said "I want to buy".

   According to a survey, "Do you want to buy the 1seg tuner for DS?". conducted by the family game magazine Famitsu and published on its Nov. 23, 2007 issue, 59.2% replied they "do not want to buy". Some 22.3% said they "have not decided yet", while 18.5% said they "want to buy". The 18.5% does not seem to be such a high rate. But it should be taken into consideration that a total of 53,640,000 units of the DS had been sold over the world as of the end of September 2007, and more than 20 million units in Japan as of Nov. 9, 2007. A simple calculation shows that there are nearly 4 million people who "want to buy" in Japan. As a reason for wanting to buy, the survey showed that some respondents said the adapter "does not seem to be a simple tuner". As for a reason for not wanting to buy, some replied that they "would not want to enjoy anything that not a game on a game machine".

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