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HSBC to open "Premier Centre" in Tokyo's Hiroo and Akasaka areas to accommodate the rich

11, 27. 2007

   The major British financial group HSBC announced on Nov. 15, 2007 that it will open its "HSBC Premier Centre" in Tokyo's Hiroo and Akasaka areas in January 2008 to operate its wealth management service specializing to accommodate wealthy people who open a deposit account of a minimum of 10 million yen. HSBA has obtained an approval from the Financial Services Agency to open a branch of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hiroo. Pending a similar approval for the opening of another branch in Akasaka, HSBC is preparing to begin the new service in January 2008. A relationship manager will be available for each of customers at the premier centres to accommodate them on their needs for their fund management.
   An HSBC official in charge of accommodating individual customers said he was pleased that the two new branches will open in the places that suit the image of the premier services.

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