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The Tokyo version of The Michelin Guide assessed byword-of-mouth

11, 28. 2007

The, the website operated by, Inc., opened on Nov. 21, 2007 a special page for the Tokyo version of The Michelin Guide, the world famous guidebook that rates restaurants. The page shows all of the 150 restaurants that were rated with one, two or three stars in the Tokyo version of The Michelin Guide, and the word-of-mouth comments of the people who visited the restaurants. On each of the pages of the restaurants, the people can give their points to evaluate the restaurants they visited in terms of, besides average budget that should be prepared for the visiting, "cooking and taste", "quality of service" and the "atmosphere". They can also write in their comments. The sushi restaurant "Sukiyabashi Jiro" in Ginza, for example, was given the average 3.39 points as of Nov. 22, which ranked it the sixth place among the eight places that were give three stars.

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