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Nissan to conduct "Skyline tests" to mark 5th anniversary over internet

12, 06. 2007

Nissan Motor Co. will conduct "Skyline tests" on the company's website beginning on Dec. 12, 2007 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first production of the Skyline cars. The tests will be supervised by Shinichiro Sakurai, who was in charge of designing the Skyline car from its first to the seventh model. Rather "trivia" questions will be asked in the tests, and "digital certificates" for first to fifth grades will be issued for those who participate in the tests depending on the number of right answers the participates give.
The company will also conduct a "book fair" in front of the Maruzen bookstore to commemorate the anniversary. People who buy books related with the Skyline or GT-R will be given bookmarkers that show the URL to take part in the "Maruzen special version" of the Skyline tests.

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