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"Most-talked-about goods survey for 2007". Nintendo game machines occupy top two places

12, 11. 2007

Game machines made by Nintendo Co. occupied the first two top places in survey conducted by Dentsu, Inc. on merchandises selected by consumers as most talked about and most noticed products in 2007. The Nintendo products which won the first and second places on the list were the pen-touch-type portable game machine (Nintendo DS) and the remote-controlled TV game (Wii), respectively. Selected for the third place was Billy's Bootcamp, fourth was digital camera, fifth was TV with large thin screen, sixth was terminals that can receive 1seg TV broadcasting, seventh was Japanese movies, eighth was cupped soup, ninth was electronic money, and the tenth was eco-goods. The survey was conducted early November 2007 on the internet, subjected 1,000 people of 15 years of age or older across Japan.

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