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Honda Fit tops list of new-car sales for Nov.

12, 12. 2007

The sales in November of Honda's new compact car Fit, which Honda unveiled in October after model change, rose by about 2.5 times over a year earlier to 18,138 units to top the list of the new-car sales for the month, according to the sales of new cars by the makers' names announced by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association and other organizations on Dec. 6, 2007. It was the first time for a type of cars other than mini cars to top the list of monthly car sales since Toyota Corolla did four years and two months ago. The Fit won the first place in the monthly car sales for the first since March 2003. The new model of the Fit has gained popularity as its price remained unchanged in spite of its improved gas mileage and performances.
Suzuki's mini car Wagon R, which remained in the top place of the sales nine consecutive months till October, dropped to the second place after Honda Fit with the sales of 16,947 units. The third place was won by Daihatsu's mini car Move with 16,225 units.

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