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C4, FC2 set up joint company F4 for word-of-mouth advertisement

12, 27. 2007

   CCC Communications (C4), a subsidiary of IMJ, and FC2 of the United States, which operates boasting the second greatest internet accesses in the country, jointly established on Dec. 12, 2007 the new company F4, that enforces advertisement marketing measures. As its first business operation, the new company has launched a "FC2 word-of-mouth advertisement" service.
   Under the new service, bloggers may receive payments for posting advertisements. Member bloggers of FC2 are able automatically to insert commodity release texts and videos, pictures and blog parts by clicking on the webpage for posting. Information about clients (release texts) and postings by bloggers are automatically differentiated from each other so that the information might not be changed by hackers. The minimum payment for the posting is 200 points (1 point equals 1 yen). There would be extra payments depending on the record of performance.

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