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Mouse with inbuilt hand warmer. Produced by Thanko

12, 28. 2007
Thanko「USB Attaka Mouse2」
Thanko「USB Attaka Mouse2」

Thanko, Inc. started selling mouse with inbuilt hand warmer "USB Attaka (warm) Mouse2" on its direct sales website "Rare Mono Shop" from Dec. 7, 2007. A heater that emits more heat than the one fixed into the earlier version of the mouse "USB Attaka Mouse" that was put out last winter. It has the heater in the place that touches the palm of that hand. The temperature of the heater goes up to 45 degrees centigrade using electricity taken from the USB port of a computer to warm up the user's hand that gets numb from cold. It can be used also as an ordinary mouse. Its sales price is 2,980 yen each.

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