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Online games to grow to 458 billion yen business in 2012: NRI

1, 05. 2008

More internet business is conducted for cell phones used as terminals than personal computers, and the business as a whole is expected to grow smoothly in the future. This was found by a survey conducted by Nomura Research Institute (NRI). The result of the survey, announced on Dec. 19, 2007, showed that the BtoC EC (electronic business transaction for consumers) account for the largest part of such business, and it is likely to expected to exceed 10 trillion yen in value in fiscal 2012. The EC by the use of cell phones accounted for 14% of the business in fiscal 2007 and is likely to reach 20% by the end of fiscal 2012, or more than 2 trillion yen in value. Online games, excluding such community versions as Second Life, will grow to a 458 billion yen market in fiscal 2012 from 185 billion yen in fiscal 2007, NRI predicted.

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