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Online "freaks business" expands to 186.68 billion yen in 2007: "Freaks Industry Whitepaper"

1, 08. 2008

"Freaks" business over the internet rose by 102.5% in 2007 over the previous year to 186.68 billion yen, according to the "Freaks Industry Whitepaper for 2008" published by the TV game research company Media Create Co. on Dec. 17, 2007. By the kind of the business categories, sales of games amounted to 56.08 billion yen, publication contents 40.67 billion yen, DVD/CD (anime) 34.02 billion yen, figure goods 28,18 billion yen, and circle magazines 27.73 billion yen. A questionnaire survey conducted at specialized shops across the country (1,537 samples were collected, including 693 at Akihabara and 844 at other places), 31% said they have visited maid teashops, while 48% said they have attended on-spot sales of circle magazines. Some 49% said they have made use of the internet for the purchase of freaks-related goods.

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