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Mac likes Windows. Truth about popularity of new OS Leopard

1, 10. 2008

   The sales of Apple's latest OS, Mac OS X Leopard (Leopard), registered all-time high in the initial month, according to a recent survey.

   It is almost forgotten that Microsoft's Windows Vista was first sold this year (January 2007). Considering the fact that Windows OS occupy the dominant share of the world's personal computer market, the popularity of Leopard may only be a storm in a teacup. It is not heard, however, that Vista is selling well. The calm of waveless ocean seems to remain... This writer first intended to write about Mac, but the subject seems to have suddenly changed to Windows.

Used to lock horns. But now, relationship of grownups

Mac OS X Leopard is priced at 14,800 yen on sales through internet.  Cheaper than Vista
Mac OS X Leopard is priced at 14,800 yen on sales through internet. Cheaper than Vista

   Mac may not be talked about without mentioning Windows. When this writer began full use of a personal computer, there were many people around who favored Mac. They would say Mac and Windows were different like water and oil or cool creators and unrefined salaried workers. Earfuls of bad things would be said about Microsoft and Windows, and Bill Gates.

   This writer diligently believed that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would remain to be archenemies to each other for ever. Time changed, however. and the two men shook hands in 1997 and their companies concluded a tie-up agreement. The two companies are now rivals to each other in one aspect, but they are partners at the same time to have what seems to be a "relationship of grownups". Microsoft now sells the Mac version of its core business soft, Microsoft Office, while iPod+iTunes can be used on Windows.

Boot Camp can work together with Windows

   The latest OS, Leopard, also officially contains function that makes one feel a kind of friendship between Windows and Mac. It is Boot Camp that supports duel boot of Mac OS and Windows. Duel boot means to install two OS in one computer. After switching on a computer, OS can be selected while booting.

   As Mac started using Intel CPU, the same chip set that is used by Windows, there is no longer major difference between the two. Responding to requests from Mac users that they also want to install Windows as it is technically possible to do so, Apple consented the installation of Boot Camp. This appears to be a major Merkmal to this writer. The success of Leopard can not be said to be free from the policy concerning Windows as indicated by Boot Camp.

Windows applications can be operated without change on Mac OS?

MacBook with excellent design can now be used as Windows
MacBook with excellent design can now be used as Windows

   There is also other methods to use Windows on Mac, including the virtual machine such as VMware. It may not be used, however, without any change from the original. It is also trouble some to switch over the OS by rebooting by the use of Duel Boot.

   It is speculated that MC gets further closer to Windows. According to a report by the Wired Vision, a rumor has it that it may become possible in the near future to use Windows applications on Mac OS without any modification. The report says Leonard contains some evidence to support the rumor.

   The report indicated that Steve Jobs will announce in January 2008 that Mac will be made compatible to Windows applications. Many Mac users expressed their opinions on the internet that they would be pleased if the report becomes true.

   Does Mac become compatible with Windows so fast. This writer doubts about it. Jobs is such a person that what he might do next is always unpredictable. How the relationship between Mac and Windows change or progress, it will be interesting to keep an eye on them in 2008.

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