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Mickey Mouse-shaped portable music player studded with Swarovski rhinestones

1, 24. 2008
Mplayer Anniversasry Swarovski sold by iriver Japan
Mplayer Anniversasry Swarovski sold by iriver Japan

   iriver Japan Co. started selling new models of Mickey Mouse-shaped portable music player under the brand name of Mplayer Anniversary Swarovski from Jan. 9, 2008. The ear parts of the Mickey-doll, that are the operating knobs, are decorated with studded rhinestones made by the crystal maker Swarovski.

   The company first began selling Swarovski models in November 2007. There are 10 newly introduced models , including the "Valentine model" that has a "wild" finish touch with studded mainly with black stones and the "gradation model" finished with refreshing coloring. They are all handmade on order.

   Mplayer is a portable music player made of three spherical parts so arranged that it looks like Mickey Mouse. Volume, fast forward, rewinding and other operations are controlled by turning the ear-shaped parts. They are light in weight at about 21 grams and they can be hung around the neck by necklace-type earphone as an accessory and enjoy music.

   The new models are priced at 16,800 yen each regardless of different design. Orders are accepted on the company's "iriver estore" and "iriver direct Rakuten" online shops.

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