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Google surpasses Rakuten in internet viewing rate in Japan

1, 30. 2008

   Google has surpassed Rakuten to win the second place as a company for the first time in the internet viewing rate, according to NetRatings, that conducts surveys on internet viewing rate. The top place was won by Yahoo, which was accessed by about 41.87 million people from their homes in November 2007. Yahoo was followed by Google with accesses from 26.24 million people to be placed second. Rakuten, which had been placed second in the past, won the third place with accesses from about 25.89 million people. The order of the top three was unchanged in December.

   The survey was conducted on the number of faccesses to each of the different companies. In case of Google, the accesses were counted for the portal site "Google" and also the video-sharing website "YouTube" and other site operated by Google as a company. Accesses to the Google portal site show increases, but YouTube made a notable contribution for Google to rise to the second place in the list as a company, according to NetRatings.

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