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Sales of Nintendo Wii top 20 million units in about one year

2, 01. 2008

   Nintendo Co. announced on Jan. 24, 2008 that the sales on its consolidated account settlement for the term ending in March 2008 are expected to reach 1,630 billion yen, or 5.2% more than it had forecast earlier. The company also revised its forecast for operating profit upward by 9.5% to 460 billion yen.

   The upward revision of the forecast was attributable to brisk sales of its mobile game machine "Nintendo DS" and the game machine for home use "Wii." The accumulated sales "Wii" had exceeded 20 million units as of the end of December 2007 since it was put on sale a little more than one year earlier. The sales of "Nintendo DS" stood at 24,500,000 units in the same period, or an accumulated 64,790,000 units.

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