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Mitsuoka Motor starts selling Galue 204

2, 21. 2008
Galue 204 of Mitsuoka Motor
Galue 204 of Mitsuoka Motor

   Mitsuoka Motor Co. started selling the Galue 204 from Feb. 6.

   The earlier model of the car was based on the Nissan Fuga and was powered by V6 2.5L or 3.5L engine. But the new one is based on the Toyota Corolla Axio and the engine has been changed to 4 cylinder 1.5L or 1.8L. The downsizing of the engine is intended to better meet the environmental requirement and to make it easier to handle the car. It is also to cope with the crude oil price increases and severer exhaust gas control.

   The new model is priced at 2,289,000-3,150,000 yen, or about half that for the earlier model.

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